A                     Meriden                 The Barbour Silver Co. est. 1882
Barbour Silver Company
E. G. Webster & Son
Puritan Pewter
B                     Derby                     The Derby Silver Co. est. 1873
Derby S. P. Co. – E. P. N. S., W. M. Mounts
Derby S. P. Co. – E. P. W. M.
C                     Bridgeport             The Holmes & Edwards Silver Co. est. 1880
Holmes & Edwards Inlaid
Stratford Sectional Plate
Special Hotel and Restaurant Qualities
International Silver Co. Silver Inlaid
International Silver Co, Triple
I. S. Co, (Sectional)
Stratford Silver Plate Co. AXI (Half Plate Goods)
“S” Line of Flatware (Special low priced ware under various marks.)
Special 5 and 10c Market (Customer’s trademarks)
Soda Fountain Supplies
Hesco Mexican (25% Nickel Silver, unplated)
Lashar Silver (unplated)
Nickel Silver (Windsor Pattern)
Nickel Silver 18 (Windsor Pattern)
D                    Meriden                  Cutlery Plant (formerly H-K)
produced knives primarily marketed through Factory H
Approximately 100 lines of flatware were produced at this factory for non-IS Co. brands
(See listings here)
E                     Meriden                  International Silver Co.
1847 Rogers Bros. (est 1847)
1847 Rogers Bros. Silverplate
Meriden S. P. Co. (est. 1869)
Meriden Britannia Co. (est 1852)
Forbes S. P. Co. (est. 1894)
F. S. Co.
E. P. N. S.
Ecclesiastical Department
Rogers, Smith & Co. (est. 1856 not listed as a line in 1930) 
Middletown Plate Co. (est. 1864 not listed as a line in 1930) 
F                     Florence, MA        Cutlery Plant
stainless steel blades for hollow handle knives for all factories
G    Thamesville, Norwich, CT    Norwich Cutlery Co. (est. 1890)
carbon and stainless steel blades for other IS Co factories
H                    Meriden                  The WM. Rogers Mfg. Co. est. 1872
Eagle Rogers Old Home Plate
Anchor Rogers
WM. Rogers & Son
Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co.
1865 Wm Rogers Mfg. Co.
R. C. Co. 
Rogers Nickel Silver
J                     Waterbury              Rogers & Brother est. 1859
Star Rogers & Bro. A-1
R. & B. A-1
Rogers & Bro. Nickel Silver
‘S’ Line (low price market) Plated on 18% NS base
Marion Silver Plate
Branford Silver Plate
Plymouth Silver Plate
Lafayette Silver Plate
Customer’s own brands
K                    Waterbury             The Rogers & Hamilton Co. est. 1886
L                    Wallingford            Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. est. 1866
M                   Wallingford            Simpson Nickel Company est. 1871
Alpacca SILCO (unplated flatware exported to other countries)
Unplated flatware for other IS Co factories including:
Rogers Nickel Silver
Rogers & Bro.
Unplated flatware for big jobbers, specially branded or marked Nickel Silver
N                    Meriden                  Wilcox Silver Plate Co. est. 1865
Wilcox S. P. Co. – E. P. N. S.
Wilcox S. P. Co.
Pewter by Wilcox
P                    Wallingford             The Watrous Mfg. Co. est. 1896
International Sterling (Flatware)
International Sterling (Novelties)
International Sterling ( Hollowware)
R                    Meriden                  Rolling Mill
S                    Meriden                   Barbour Sterling
Old Masters Line
Charter Line
T                    Meriden                   Meriden Cut Glass Co. (est. 1870 not listed in 1930)
W                   Wallingford            Wilcox & Evertsen est. 1892
Lapierre Mfg. Company
X                    Meriden                   The Laboratory
Sterling Silver or Fine Arts Division
International Sterling
Custom made pieces
Solid Silver and Solid Gold merchandise
HOTEL DIVISION                         Hollowware
International Silver Co. Silver Soldered
Meriden B. Co.
International Silver Co. “S. I.” (silver inlaid)
International Silver Co.
I. S. Co. XII
I. S. Co. Triple
I. S. Co. 5 oz. Plate Quality
Meriden S. P. Co. 5 oz. Plate Quality
M. S. P. Co. Half Plate Quality
Victor Silver Co. 5 oz. Plate Quality
Victor S. Co. Half Plate Quality
CANADIAN FACTORIES              International Silver Co. of Canada, Limited
EC                Hamilton                   Meriden Britannia Co.
1847 Rogers Bros. Silverplate
Meriden Silverplate Co.
Meriden Britannia Co.
SC                Toronto                     Formed by Simpson Hall Miller & Co., later changed to Standard Silver Co.
Holmes & Edwards Inlaid
Sterling silver hollowware and flatware
HC                Niagra Falls, Ont.     Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co.
Wm. Rogers & Son

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