Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 6:00 PM in the Lecture Hall of the Meriden Historical Society’s new History Center 39-41 West Main Street, downtown Meriden and on zoom. Registration is required for a zoom attendance and can be done by clicking HERE

James T. Powers, author of Shadows Over Dawnland will discuss the historical experience of the Quinnipiac people during the first fifty years of the English colonization 350 years ago, of their ancestral home.

“How do people confront a series of catastrophic and transformative events that threaten the very existence of their way of life? How does a culture survive a catastrophic epidemic that kills 80% of the population in two years followed by war, ecological collapse, and economic ruin? Then the survivors face a relentless and devastating cultural disintegration resulting in marginalization and even genocide. It is a perfect formula for a dystopian future only it actually happened 350 years ago. This is what the Quinnipiac people of Southern New England faced once the English colonization of their homeland, the Dawnland, began.”

The Meriden Historical Society wishes to thank the Meriden Public Library for hosting the registration process on their scheduling site.